Preparing your Artwork

To insure fast turnaround of your artwork please make sure you provide all the following when submitting your art files. Turnaround time increases if we have to go back and forth to get the necessary information from you to properly proof your work.


Art files must be vectors

Vector files are typically created in Adobe Illustrator. files that end in .ai and .eps are typically vector files. Some .pdf files can be vector. If you are unsure if your art files are vector based ask the person who produced it for you to provide you with the Illustrator file.

Vector files produce the most accurate artwork when translated into a pin and is required for the manufacturing process. It also allows us to edit and update lines and colors so that the pin can be accurately manufactured.


you must create outlines of any text

Text that is typed out and included in the artwork must be outlined in illustrator. This insures that the text looks the way you want it to. If the file is opened on a computer that doesn't have the typeface you used it will replace it with a default typeface. To avoid this outline the text.

How To:

  1. select all the text in your file
  2. in the nav bar click on type>create outlines
  3. save

Specify desired size of final artwork

To insure a quick turn around of your artwork into a proof, please specify in your art file the desired size you want the final piece to be.


Specify hard or soft enamel

When submitting your artwork please specify in your file if you would like the pin to be in hard or soft enamel.

The difference between hard and soft enamel is apparent on the surface of the pin.  On hard enamel pins, the enamel has been raised to the height of the metal to create a smooth surface. With soft enamel pins, the enamel is below the surface of the metal, so it has grooves. This allows for more detail. 

For soft enamel pins:

  • Thickness of the metal lines should be at least 0.15mm
  • The area for color filling should be at least 0.3mm wide or tall

For the hard enamel pins,

  • Thickness of the metal lines should be at least 0.15mm
  • The area for color filling should be at least 0.6mm wide or tall

Note: If you want to avoid the recessed metal, the area needs to be at least 1.5mm to make a cut out

An example of the hard enamel on our website would be bomb pop pin, an example of soft enamel would be the donut pin.



Make sure all elements of artwork are enclosed in a shape

Make sure all elements of your pin are contained within a shape. having artwork that has elements outside a main shape on their own will end up with recessed metal elements that might not be what you are looking for in a final design.


Specify Metal type for your pin in your artwork

Metal is required for each pin, it separates the different colors of your enamel

Specify the metal type you would like for your artwork from the options below when ordering:

  • Gold
  • Antique Gold
  • Silver
  • Antique SIlver
  • Black Metal (matte finish)
  • Black Nickel
  • Copper
  • Antique Copper

Click Below for a larger image of metal choices


Specify Pantone colors for each color of enamel

To get your pins to look as close to your artwork as possible, please specify the PMS or Pantone colors of each color in your artwork.

Click below to see a list of available Pantone colors.