Preparing your display card Artwork

To insure fast turnaround of your artwork please make sure you provide all the following when submitting your art files. Turnaround time increases if we have to go back and forth to get the necessary information from you to properly proof your work.


Art files must be be vector or layered pdf files

Display cards are $0.90 per card, which includes full assembly and packaging.

Display cards can be 2”x3” or 3”x3”. (Other sizes available, as well) Customers can create and send us their own artwork to be printed on white card stock, or the display cards can simply be white card stock.  The VCP logo will not appear on custom display cards.



Text that is typed out and included in the backing artwork must be outlined in illustrator. This insures that the text looks the way you want it to. If the file is opened on a computer that doesn't have the typeface you used it will replace it with a default typeface. To avoid this outline the text.

How To:

  1. select all the text in your file
  2. in the nav bar click on type>create outlines
  3. save